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We are in the process of starting a non-profit to help women that are less fortunate than others pay for this service. While we do pro-bono work throughout the year we are hoping to expand our free tattoo service to others who have no access to this service. Our mission is to raise money to pay travel expenses so that we can offer this service to other women in areas of the country/world where tattooing or even breast reconstruction is not available.
Our first stop on our "Tattoo the Earths Ta-Tas" will be Mexico City. Final dates have not yet been worked out as we are beginning our fund raising efforts... but we are hoping to be ready to travel and begin Tattooing the Earths Ta-Tas in the fall of 2014.
Please consider donating something so that others ... who cannot have breast reconstruction done... can get a little closer to whole again by allowing us to do tattoos for them at no cost.
Your consideration and generosity is greatly appreciated. We will be posting a fund raising graph, soon, showing the results of our fund raising efforts... again thank you.